Aliens: Black Nova

A Violent Ride Down

Once the marines have prepared themselves to make landfall on LV402, they embark aboard two of their UD-L4 Cheyenne dropships. As they enter the atmosphere of “Vector” they spot what appears to be an abandoned mining colony in the side of a series of hills. However, before they can investigate the site, their dropships come under anti-aircraft fire from the surrounding forest. One of the Cheyennes is tagged by a missile and is forced to crash land on the colony perimeter, killing the pilot and one of the of the units support gunners. This leaves Pvt. Galahan as the only surviving smartgunner for his squad.

The second dropship escapes unscathed and sets down in the vicinity to assess the situation of their sister ship, and take out the AA site. As they embark for the suspected location of the missile battery, the lost one of their one of their members as they stumble onto a mine field protecting the AA site. While they attempt to find a way through the explosives, they come under fire from Black Nova forces and are forced to bunker down and return fire from a critical location. Luckily the marines are able to drive off the BN forces with minimal losses, and are able to secure the AA site without further obstacles. Pvt. Thibedeaux Proves instrumental in this encounter.

Meanwhile, at the crash site, the marines spread out and secure their site as quickly as possible while investigating the closest outbuildings of the colony. It appears that their is nobody occupying the settlement and they begin to search for the motor-pool for transportation, as their APC was wrecked beyond use in the crash. Once inside the main mining complex, the marines are able to locate a suitable vehicle to provide transport to the main BN complex where they are due to assist in the primary assault. Before they can leave, they are contacted by an unknown person claiming to be from the mining colony asking for their assistance. They claim to be trapped deeper inside of the colony, and hiding from the BN forces and their “experiments.” Pvt. Galahan’s squad is ordered to track down this individual and find out whatever they can regarding this person and their involvement with Black Nova.

While the squad prepares to delve deeper into the colony, first squad is able to finally meet up with them and provide support while the detachment as a whole readies themselves to meet up with the crew of the Tartarus. During this time, Pvt. Thibedeaux notices a bright star-like shine in the sky, and the unit is no longer able to contact the USS Monolith. The Goliath’s computer confirms that contact with the cruiser has been lost, and it no longer shows up on scanners. It is presumed that the ship and her crew is lost while investigating a possible pirate base working in tandem with Black Nova.


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