Single shot, disposable anti-tank rocket

weapon (ranged)

Damage: 10d6
Critical: —
Rate of Fire: S
Magazine: 1 internal
Size: Large
Weight: 8 lbs
Blast Radius: 15 ft
Reflex DC: 18 (1/2 damage)
Required Feat: Exotic Weapons Proficiency (Rocket/Missile Launchers)


The M83A2 SADAR (Shoulder-Launched Active-Homing Disposable Anti-Tank Rocket) is the premier anti-armor weapon available to a USCM light platoon. It has a long range and a reasonable firing rate, especially considering the damage the weapon can inflict. It can lock on to most targets and seek them unerringly, making it a devastating weapon when repeatedly fired from a protected position. Fully disposable, the rocket’s launcher is discarded after firing, whilst the rocket, a fire-and-forget weapon, guides itself toward the target. When stowed, the SADAR system consists of a watertight carbon-fiber composite blast tube, inside of which is an aluminum launch tube containing the missile and guidance electronics. The weapon is cocked by unlatching the forward ring of the blast tube and pulling the inner launch tube forwards until it locks. A trigger assembly and thermal acquisition sight are then flipped into position, and the weapon activated by pushing a charge button on the trigger grip. From this point the weapon can be sighted and fired from the shoulder. The M83 acquires and tracks targets with a cooled infrared imaging seeker mounted in the rocket’s nose. When the charge button is pressed, the inert IR seeker is cooled to its operating temperature within two seconds and begins feeding images to the operator’s thermal acquisition sight. The seeker remains charged for twenty minutes, after which the rocket may only be fired unguided. When a target (such as a vehicle) enters the acquisition sight, the operator can lock the seeker onto the target. So long as the target image remains clearly within the seeker’s field of view, the weapon can be launched at it. SADAR may be fired unguided like an RPG, using a backup reticle sight to aim. This is commonly done in the field against objects like bunkers, pillboxes, crew-served weapons, supply dumps and communications centers – all of which do not give off a characteristic thermal signature. Though the rocket still has a maximum range of about 1,000 m against these targets, unguided aiming is not accurate beyond 200 m.


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