M56 Smartgun

Squad support light machinegun

weapon (ranged)

Damage: 2d10
Critical: 20 x2
Rate of Fire: A
Magazine: 250 drum
Size: Large
Weight: 35 lbs
Required Feat: Exotic Firearms (Heavy Weapons)


The M56 Smartgun is a man-portable heavy machine gun with automatic targeting capabilities employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps. The M56 Smart Gun is an improved version of the USCMC Shockrifle, capable of holding higher quantities of ammunition and an increased fire rate. When a target is designated by the tracking system, the harness automatically guides the operator and gun to the target. Switching targets is as simple as pointing the gun’s barrel at a new target. The gun can fire in a three round burst or in fully automatic. A small power cell, located on the underside and connected by electrical cables, powers the unit. When detached, the gun is useless. Using electrical pulse action, the M56 fires 600 10×28mm caseless high-explosive rounds at a rate of 1200 rpm. The machine gun is mounted on an articulator arm which in turn is connected to an operator’s combat harness. The combat harness is a composite micromesh ballistic armor with extra padding to prevent chafing from the cumbersome kit. The harness features a PRC 489/4 communications receiver/transmitter and the tracking/targeting processor. The gun itself is slaved by coaxial cable to the tracking/targeting processor, which uses an infrared tracking system. This processor in turn has a universal connector in which the Head Mounted Sight (HMS) is connected, allowing the operator to “see” what the tracking system is reading. The backplate can be opened in order to access the processor if field repairs are necessary. A “black box” line replacement unit (LRU) is also sealed in the backplate and can be used to replace a damaged processor in the field.

M56 Smartgun

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