M41A Pulse Rifle

"I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter, with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher." -Cpl Hicks

weapon (ranged)

Damage: 2d8 – gun, 3d6 – grenade
Critical: 19-20 x2 – gun, — grenade
Rate of Fire: B, A – gun, S – grenade
Magazine: 50 magazine – gun, 4 internal – grenade
Size: Medium
Weight: 11 lbs
Blast Radius: 10 ft
Reflex DC: 15 (1/2 damage)
Required Feat: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Exotic Weapons Proficiency (Grenade Launchers)


The M41 Pulse Rifle is a compact assault rifle employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps as the Colonial Marines’ primary infantry weapon during the late 22nd century. Lightweight and rugged, the M41 is constructed largely from ultra-light alloy precision metal stampings, with a titanium aluminide alloy outer casing and high-impact, temperature resistant plastics for many of its internal parts. The M41A is fully sealed against corrosion, dirt and moisture and its electronics are hardened against TREE and background radiation, making it perfectly usable even in a vacuum. The M41A fires the standard US M309 10mm x 24, a 210 grain, steel-jacketed and explosive-tipped round embedded within a rectangular propellant block of Nitramine 50. The underslung 30mm grenade launcher, comprising a barrel, breech and four-round internal magazine, is fired using a trigger just in front of the magazine housing. Grenades must be hand-loaded into the launcher’s four-round magazine, which are then loaded into the breech and primed to fire from a pump action. Iron sights for the M41A including an adjustable tangent leaf backsight are incorporated into the gun’s carrying handle, which can also be fitted with a 3x power AN/RVS-52 CCD television sight for low-light and long-range accuracy. A spring-loaded extendable stock allows the gun to be used in either a carbine or rifle format while an LED ammunition counter display just below the receiver can be dimmed for nighttime operations. The carrying handle also contains the gun’s Lithium battery; providing power for motor mechanism it is good for 10,000 rounds before requiring recharge from a rifle rack or portable power pack.

M41A Pulse Rifle

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