Aliens: Black Nova

Salvage Ship Takedown

After waking from hypersleep, the colonial marines of the USS Goliath are briefed on their current mission: to locate the illegal salvage ship “Lilliana’s Caress” and detain the crew for questioning. After this has been completed, they are to rendezvous with the members of the USS Tartarus and USS Monolith to assault a Black Nova terrorist base on LV402.

Shortly after reaching the last known coordinates of “Lilliana’s Caress,” the crew finds the freighter damaged and in a slow uncontrolled spin. The crew sends two boarding parties aboard to assess the situation. There seems to have been an attack upon the ship and its crew by an outside force. After a search of the ship, there are no survivors save for the ships captain: Morgan Christoph. The only other significant find aboard the vessel is a strange leathery egg-like specimen located in the cargo hold. The egg-like structure is open and there are no signs of what was inside, if anything at all. The crew of the Goliath begin to escort Captain Christoph back aboard their ship for detainment and questioning.

Upon returning to the Goliath, the captain of the “Caress” reacts in pain, and dies as his chest ruptures outwards with some sort of creature emerging from the wound. The creature quickly scuttles away and escapes into an air vent before the marines can capture it. Being too small to track by onboard sensors, the marines split into multiple search teams and tracks the creature using their motion trackers. The alien makes quick progress towards the forward cargo and missile batteries section of the cruiser where it hunkers down and becomes difficult to track. As the marines close in on its last known position, the creature manages to kill two of the men before it is taken down. After the struggle is over, it is noted that the creature has grown significantly in size and is extremely dangerous. One particular observation is the acidic blood the creature bleeds when wounded that is capable of melting through starship bulkheads. The marines gather their dead and prepare to make landfall to meet up with the primary attack force headed for the Black Nova base.


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