Aliens: Black Nova

Operation Red Dawn: Mission Briefing

Recording from illegal salvage vessel "Lilliana's Caress":

6:38am GLC November 16, 2179 GLC – Galactic Lunar Cycle
\\\There’s no chatter on the coms. I’m not picking up any automated signals either\\\
\\\You won’t, this place is a graveyard now.\\\
\\\What happened here? I thought this was a fully functional colony…\\\
\\\Not sure. Whatever happened, it happened fast. Either way, no one’s home… no one’s gonna care if we take a look around. Might be something of worth down there. The Black Nova guys say there is, and they’ll pay a pretty penny for it.\\\

8:01am GLC November 16, 2179
\\\Dropping into atmo now. Should be over the colony any second… good god! What hit this place?! Looks like a fuckin nuke went off.\\\
\\\That’d be the atmosphere processor going critical. Look there.\\\
\\\Damn! No wonder this place is a graveyard. You really think we’ll find anything of use down there?\\\
\\\There’s a decent amount of the colony still intact. Can’t hurt to look.\\\

11:23am GLC November 16, 2179
\\\We’ve reached the Control Center, nothing worthwhile yet. I don’t think we’re gonna find much more than heavy scrap here…\\\
\\\Now, now, don’t be too hasty. There could be some nice financial data in the Administration offices. Team 2, see if you can find anything of worth in the Medlab. Even if this stuff doesn’t pan out, Black Nova will still buy it off us.\\\
\\\This is Team 2…Boss you might want to get over here. Something ain’t right with this place…\\\
\\\On my way. Bernie, stay here and see if you can get some power back up.\\\

11:37am GLC November 16, 2179
\\\What’s the problem, Al…?\\\
\\\Yeah boss… my thoughts too. This isn’t damage fro the atmo going up. Look, that’s from weapons fire. There, and there…that’s explosives damage. Stuff’s melted over here. Looks like the ceiling caved in in places too.\\\
\\\Now this is interesting. Bernie, you got anything working up there in Control? Bernie? BERNIE! Goddammit, Al what’s wrong with the coms now?\\\
\\\Nothin boss, checked ‘em myself before launch.\\\
\\\Fine, take two men and see what the problem is.\\\
\\\Sure thing, boss. Riley, Dixon, you’re with me.\\\

11:44am GLC November 16, 2179
\\\We’ve reached Control, boss. No sigh of Bernie anywhere.\\\
\\\He couldn’t ‘ve gone far. Find his ass.\\\
\\\Yessir. Hey Riley, did you hear something? The fuck is that?! Riley, get back! Dixon, shoot it! Now goddammit!\\\
\\\I can’t, Riley’s in the way… Shit, there’s another one. Fuck looko…\\\
\\\Shit! Dixon! Boss, we gotta get outta here, there’s something…\\\
\\\What is it Al? Al, talk to me! Dixon? Riley? Someone talk to me. Dammit! Alright guys, pack it in. We’er getting the hell outta here.\\\
\\\What about the others, boss?\\\
\\\Forget ‘em. If there’s something else screwing around down here, I ain’t gettin pinched for it. If those Black Nova guys want this stuff so bad, they can come get it themselves.\\\

End of Recording

USCM Report:
-Increased Black Nova terrorist activity detected in the Cetus star system. Elements of the 4th MSF colonial marine division are to patrol the area and assess situation. Any Black Nova, or suspected Black Nova, personal are to be intercepted and detained for questioning. Suspects are to be considered armed and dangerous – caution advised.
-USS Tartarus crew to make landfall on LV402 “Vector,” second planet in Cetus system. Search and destroy on suspected Black Nova base. Personal to be apprehended if possible. Light to medium munitions authorized at this time. USS Goliath and Monolith to provide support.
-USS Goliath to track down illegal salvage vessel “Lilliana’s Caress” and detain crew for suspected involvement with Black Nova organization. Light munitions authorized.
-USS Monolith to scout Cetus quadrant for pirate activity. Suspected base in asteroid belt around forth planet of the Cetus system. Light to medium munitions authorized.

End of Briefing


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